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9 Fun New Year Resolution Ideas

Who said New Year’s resolutions had to be hard or difficult? The purpose of a New Year’s Resolution is to better yourself. Is there any way to improve your own identity other than enjoying life and seeking out the person that God desires for you to become? Instead of creating a resolution that you’ll dread and stop working toward in a month, start a resolution that helps you explore your unique self while enjoying life to the fullest. Here’s 9 of our favorite New Year Resolution ideas for a fun and enjoyable New Year:

1. Get Out of Town with these New Year Resolution Ideas

Head to a nearby town over the weekend with an older sibling, help your family plan a summer vacation, go on a road trip with your friends, or ask your parents to take you to a new country to explore a diverse culture.

2. New Year Resolution Ideas to Make Time for a Different Friend Every Week

It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of the school year that you tend to neglect your friendships. Make a pact that you’ll spend special time with one of your best girls every week. You don’t have to spend an extensive amount of time with them, just a short ice cream or study date. Taking this time to invest in your friendships will create a strong and reliable support throughout the year.

3. Try a New Beauty Trend Once a Week for some Fabulous New Year Resolution Ideas

Don’t get stuck in a rut with your morning routine. Instead, commit to trying something new once a week. Hit up the mall over the weekend to buy a new and mysterious product. Rush over to Target after practice for a wonderful new shade to adorn. Raid your mom’s make-up bag and test out a new look or explore new and fantastic ways to use what you already own. To get your started, check out ten ways to wear eyeliner!

4. New Year Resolution Ideas to Re-Mix Your Music

Check out music that you wouldn’t normally consider listening to. Check out an unknown artist or genre on Youtube, Spotify or wherever you listen. Or go old school and explore the music section at the library. Check out your sister’s playlist or borrow a few tunes from your best friend. Even consider exploring music from when your parents were your age to create a more diverse understanding of musical trends and genres.

5. New Years Resolution Ideas You’ll Certainly Love: Take a Nap

As the school year progresses, it seems impossible to find time to sleep in, so vow that this year you’ll treat yourself to a nap at least once a month. It doesn’t have to be a long nap – a 20 minute power nap will do the trick. You’re growing and deserve a little peace and quiet.

6. Hit Up Those Animated Films this New Year

Just face it, you love those animated films, but you don’t want to admit it. Use your younger siblings as an excuse to hit up the theater. I’m sure mom and dad will love the quiet time, so they may even foot the bill. Or curl up to some Disney+ time with your fam. Pop some popcorn, mix in some candy and you’re ready to go!

7. New Years Resolution Ideas to Write a Touching Thank You

Write your mom a fun, inspirational or sentimental card every month to thank her for being such an incredible mom. This takes no time at all, but it’ll make such an impact on her life and on your relationship. Your mom does a lot for you, show her that you appreciate it, you notice and you care!

8. Explore The Bible for some Deeper New Year Resolution Ideas

Read a book of the Bible that you’ve never read before. Out of 66 books in the Bible, there’s certainly a book that you’ve never read all the way through before. There are plenty of short books sprinkled throughout the Bible if you don’t feel comfortable committing to something too long.

9. Share Your Knowledge with thoughtful New Year Resolution Ideas

Teach a Sunday School Class for a season. You don’t have to teach younger kids, you could teach an adult class or even a class for your peers. Lead a group or age level that you would enjoy and learn from. In any case, there’s certainly an adult who would be willing to help you through the process.

Enjoy the New Year with some fun New Year resolution ideas. If you fail meeting your resolution in the first week, month or season, that’s okay. Pick it back up later. There’s always time to explore the world around you as you seek more of God and the woman He wants you to become. Have fun and enjoy all the goodness of life.