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Blue Eyed Beauty: Finding the Right Blue Makeup Look for You

Blue eyeshadow comes in and out of the beauty scene because it is a color that can be worn all wrong. It’s easy to overdo the shade by caking it on in an unattractive way, and even easier to wear the wrong shade for your skintone – gasp! But, it’s such a fun and playful color that deserves a little attention. Rather than shying away from the color altogether, follow these tips to ensure that you’re finding the right shade.

Blue Makeup Look for Dark Skin

If you have a bright and vibrant personality, then opt for a rich cobalt blue. If you’re on the shier side, then stick with a soft grayish-blue shade. Both tones look beautiful on dark complexions, so find a shade that matches your personality! 

Try: Sweep your shadow on your lids up to the crease (we recommend Zuzu Luxe Mineral Eyeshadow in Ice Princess, $17.60), then use a small narrow brush to run just a touch of the shade under your lower lashes! Then anchor your look with black mascara. 

Blue Makeup Look for Fair Skin

You’re in luck, nearly any shade of blue looks lovely on your skin tone, so find a color from sky to navy that compliments your personality (or choose multiple and play around with them all!)

Try: Trace a sapphire shadow crayon (we like Trestique Shadow Crayon in Baltic Blue, $24.00) along your top and bottom lash lines, then smudge the hue up along the top lid. Balance a colorful eye with a natural rosy lipstick. 

Blue Makeup Look for Light-Medium to Olive Skin

Go for the steely or dark blue shades which will bring out your golden tones. Avoid pastels because they will make you look washed out or ashy, yuck! 

Try: Blend a navy shadow on your lids (we suggest Revlon ColorStay Day-to-Night Eyeshadow Quad in Gorgeous, $9.19), then add a silvery blue along your brow bones as well as the inner corners of your eyes. Swirl a tawny-peach blush on your cheeks for a healthy-looking finish. 

Here’s six other products we think you’ll enjoy:

Find the right shade for your color tone, then play around with various looks, application techniques and product types. Try a blue liner above and below your eye, stick with eyeshadow only, or apply a blue mascara. Mix and match how you wear your blue makeup look to find a style that expresses your unique beauty and personality. Blend blue with jade or turquoise, try it with purple, silver or even green for a cool look. Add it to your basic brown for an upbeat approach on a simple shade.

There’s always a place for a classic neutral brown, but grays and browns can make eyes look dull. Who wants that? If worn properly, blue eye makeup actually brightens eyes. It may not be a color that you want in your everyday repertoire, but it’s certainly a color you want on hand when you’re ready for a more energetic look.